Monday, August 22, 2016

7 Velvet Pieces To Fall In Love With

Fall is almost here. The nights will be cooler which feels so romantic. Maybe it's because you want to cozy up with your honey bunny{or is that just me?}or perhaps it's because many of the Fall fabrics are so soft, touchable and romantic.

One soft and romantic trend I'm loving for this Fall is velvet. One velvet piece I've kept in my closet is a black velvet slip dress. I love that I can wear it frontwards for a more demure look and can wear it backwards for a sexier look ala the deep v style cut. 

The velvet looks I'm falling for this Fall season are velvet slip dresses, blazers, bomber jackets, bodysuits, dresses, gowns and trousers. I'm really loving Modcloth's Fine and Sandy Blazer in green and burgundy. I can see having so much fun in this little cutie. Long, pleated flowing skirts are so pretty this Fall and would be lovely with this blazer.

Another velvet piece to fall in love with is the velvet bomber jacket. It's like a soft 90's round the way girl look. Adding the velvet bomber jacket with the long pleated skirt would give the skirt some more great wear for the Fall. I can see wearing the look with some cool sneakers and perhaps some bamboo earrings, at least two pair. LOL. No I'm kidding. I just had LL Cool J's Round The Way Girl song playing in my head. But then again, I think the look would be pretty darn hot. Plus the velvet bomber jacket could easily look great with a pair of jeans and bodysuit, a slip dress and before it gets too chilly, the bomber jacket can easily heat up cool Fall nights with a pair of super cute and sexy shorts. The velvet bomber jacket is another great Fall staple to have that could get plenty of wear and show this Fall. When it comes to velvet, I'm loving it all. See more beautiful velvet pieces below.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fall In Love With The Season's Most Romantic Hue

Like an autumn sunrise, this Fall's hues of rust clothing and accessories are so romantic. I love how the shade puts you in the mind of Fall leaves, especially when they cover the mountains, or fall to the ground and you have that romantic walk and hear them crackling underneath your feet.

One of my favorite pieces that I've found so far in the beautiful hue of rust is BooHoo's beautiful lace swing dress. It's so gentle and perfect for brunch, date night, a hayride with a super cute pair of boots and also for an early morning trip to the farmer's market.

Another clothing piece I'm  loving is the Koralline soft print blouse in rust. It is a great piece to wear to work with a pair of trousers or skirt. It's also one of those pieces that can go from work to play by changing your shoes or replacing your work trousers with a pair of jeans for example. The bow really gives in an extra nice touch of Fall romance. Koralline also offers a dress in the same print and rust color that can easily serve as another great work to play piece.

Be it sunrise or sunset, you can't go wrong with a lovely slip dress. A slip dress is such an easy, slip on, go anywhere staple that's great to have in the closet. I adore Autograph's asymmetric slip dress in rust. The easy breezy piece can be thrown on with sneakers for a quick run to the store and running errands. I can see giving it a 90's grunge feel with another hot look this Fall, a pair of platform boots and a plaid shirt tied at the waist, keeping a sweet feminine touch by adding a soft choker style necklace. I would love to dress it up with a pair of heels and this cute Italian Leather Lipstick case. For a girl's night out it's perfect to carry my lipstick and just a little bit of drinking money. I'm loving Lord and Berry's Timeless Kissproof Lipstick in Bazaar.

See some of my favorite pieces in this Fall's hues of rust. And cheers to a stylish and romantic Fall. May it be filled with wonderful hues of love.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

5 End of Summer Pieces You'll Love All Under $100 ♡ Rompers, Jumpers and More

Can you believe it, it's August already and summer will soon be over? As my granny often shares, there's nothing new under the sun. And I say that to say, as always time sure does fly. Soon that nothing new under the sun will offer cooler days along with cozy cooler nights. I'm all for that. And when it comes to time standing still, if I could work that magic, I would love for time to stand still for Fall. I just love fall and Indian Summers. When I think of Indian Summers I think more of the definition that shares "a period of happiness or success occurring late in life." I'm really interested to learn more about the term Indian Summer. For me it has always meant the time around the Fall Equinox well into October. I think of dry leaves that have fallen to the ground and the mountains whose leaves are so stunning in an array of Fall colors. And the breezes around Fall and Indian Summers are simply the best. It just feels like a great time to snuggle up with your honey bunny, have camp fires and make s'mores, vin chaud and romantic dinners for two.

While I'm dreaming of breezier, romantic nights that seems to have more full moons, it's still a lovely time to enjoy all of the wonderful things that summer offers. And when it comes to fashion, many summer pieces can easily be carried over into Fall. One Fall fashion combination that I'm already loving is yellow and pink together. This yellow romper will be super cute this Fall with some pink velvet mules or a big belt with pink embellishments.

I did a little virtual shopping and have found some really cute end of summer pieces that you can wear now and also for Fall. Rompers, jumpers and more are so sweet for summer and Fall.

{Note: Items shared in this post are subject to price changes}

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Little Black Dress And Nude Heels + The Schermerhorn Symphony Center

There's so much beauty in downtown Nashville. I love that you can experience a honky tonk on Broadway and turn a corner and there you have Nashville's Schermerhorn Symphony Center where you can enjoy classical music and more. One little black dress {on sale} can easily take you from the honky tonk experience to a night at the symphony all with a change of a pair of shoes. From Boots on Broadway to nude heels on 4th, a little black dress {on sale}can be super duper versatile.

I've yet to experience a honky tonk nor have I had the chance to enjoy a concert at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. With so many great performances, I'm definitely going to have to enjoy a night out at the symphony and soon. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center has such a great upcoming line up. Take a look at the many great concerts taking place at Schermerhorn Symphony Center here.


{Photos By: @MissKayElle}

Friday, August 5, 2016

Boots On Broadway

One thing's for sure, when you come to Nashville a pair of boots on Broadway is a must. O.k, well not really, but it sure is fun to join in with the boot wearing crowd. Not everyone sports a pair of boots, but for those who do, for some reason it just looks like they're having more fun. :)

If you have followed my journey on The Love Channel with Ty Swint for a little time, you may know that I love to people watch. I love seeing the ladies walk about downtown Nashville in their cut off shorts, slogan tees and especially cute little dresses along with their boots. It just all feel so Nashville.

I found my super cute pair of boots at a thrift store down in Atlanta, Georgia. And many, many years ago when I first fell in love with cowgirl boots, I bought a pair at a store that sold nothing but boots in Dalton, Georgia. My current boots have a little heel on them. They're cute for just walking a short distance from the car to a destination, say like B B Kings. I could maybe even get in a dance or two in my boots. But I really want a pair of flat boots so I can walk and walk and walk with my boots on Broadway. Plus I so want to gather up my girls, put on a cute frilly dress, some flat cowgirl boots and do the Nashville Pedal Tavern tour. It would be so much to paddle along Broadway while we sip on drinks and then go grab a bite to eat and end the night with some dancing and more walking in our boots along Broadway.

Since moving to Nashville I've yet to experience downtown Nashville as a tourist. I just think all of us sporting boots on Broadway having a good ole time would be so much fun. I can not think of an upcoming occasion for such a thrill, but when it comes to making the most of this crazy thing called life, any reason will do.

Stay tuned. I'm looking forward to sharing more of the city of Nashville with ya'll. Meantime, check out the super cute dresses and cowgirl boots below, along with more photos and this short lil video of me and boots on Broadway. And I'm a Tennessee girl who has always loved a good pair of cowgirl boots. For this Flashback Friday I shared a photo of those first pair of boots I was talking about. Oh, I loved them so. I wish I still had them.


{Photos Above By: @MissKayElle}
 {Photo By: Chris Longs}