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Splash Youth Arts Workshop

"I believe they can do anything and they can. I only hope that they will grow up in a city that has evolved enough to change old established systems of judgment to open minded vision in order to create a more equitable society in which under served youth can thrive in the arts." ~Charlie Newton

In October 2017 I stopped by the AVA gallery to share with its chief curator, Kreneshia Whiteside, how much I had enjoyed their Leading Ladies event the night before.

{With AVA's Chief Curator Kreneshia Whiteside }
{Poet @velvetpoetry performing at AVA's Leading Ladies, October 2017}
During my visit I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. Charlie Newton, a great artist and other art leaders in the Chattanooga community. It was an honor to hear Mr. Newton share his struggle to receive his education in the arts and to talk with the group about inclusiveness, having a seat at the table, the Ed Johnson project and more. Mr. Newton's passion about the arts, diversity and…

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