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Multicolor Snake Skin Wanted

Okay, so I promise, this is it with my snake skin craze, LOL. I'm not sure what it is that has me so wild about this print, but I'm really loving it. It all started with my love for the neon green snake skin skirt that I found on ASOS and then low and behold I found the same color and print shoes. I did not think I would wear them together, but I did and they were a big hit. I've loved wearing them during the winter to brighten up some of the dull and gray winter days. And I know I'm going to love wearing the color and print in Spring too.

I also fell for the multi color snake skin print and found the cutest clutch. It seemed that after buying the clutch I started to see the print every where. There are a pair of boots that I've convinced myself that I just have to have. Depending on the costs, I've shared with myself that I can treat myself to three, only three more items between the multi color and neon green snake print items that are on my most wanted lis…

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