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#YearofNoFear - Month #3 - October

There's this wonderful, awesome feeling to simply being yourself. This journey to self has been a really great, splendid one. I've come to accept fully all that I am and all that I can be. Things and dreams that once seemed out of reach are drawing closer to me. I smile so big as I type that because it feels so good, so liberating.

There are so many songs that I've written that shares more insight to what I'm talking about above. Since my divorce back in February, before then really, I've been working hard to get some things together so I can better share my creative endeavors. Even coming up with ways to share my art has been such a lovely experience. Frustrating at times, yes, just a little bit, especially when it comes to money, but as my granny often shares, there's no since in complaining because it doesn't solve a thing. And what I share with myself more now than ever is to make a way, not excuses. I have been doing just that. In the midst of creati…

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