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3 Ways To Take Summer's Whites Into Fall

{Photos By Chris Longs} It's almost my favorite time of the year, Fall. This summer has been really great, not too hot and lots of romantic night breezes. The breezes have even graced us during the day. One thing for sure that I love about the warmer weather are the light, not to heavy clothes that can be worn during the sunnier months. However, Fall just offers up the perfect weather and it's so easy to stay warm, not too hot nor too cold. And we can still wear our lighter clothing without being bogged down with heavy coats and scarves and hats and in my case, I even wear ear muffs with it's colder. Fall is just perfect and fashion wise a nice light jacket or sweater can be added to the cute spring and summer clothes on the chillier nights.
I have more summer whites in my closet than I recall having in other summers from the past. One thing is for sure, I will not be putting away my cute white summer goodies after Labor Day. LOL. I've never been a fan of that rule. …

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