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Get To Know Joe

Photo By: Patrick O' Hagan {see more here: The Chattanoogan}
If you don't already know Blues, Jazz guitarist and singer Joe Bonamassa, I encourage you to get to know Joe. Joe's rendition of Slow Train has been on constant replay for me along with Joe's cover of B. B. King's  The Thrill Is Gone. At the very young age of only 12, Joe opened for Blues guitarist and singer B. B. King, going on to do about 20 shows with the Blues legend. Mr. Joe Bonamassa is a legend in his own right. He has played since the age of four and has played also with other legends such as Buddy Guy,  Eric Clapton and more. Joe has also been Simpson-ized, having a Simpson style cartoon character illustrated after the Blues great and appearing on the show. The Grammy nominated artist and one of the greatest guitarist of his time performed in my hometown Chattanooga on Monday, December 4 at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium to an enthusiastic crowd of music lovers who danced in their…

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