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#YearofNoFear - Month #2 - September

Photos By: The Neutral Ground Studio
The statement I share with myself is, "Make a way, not excuses." August was a pretty tough month however, no excuse, just truth. I had a second car to break down, the first broke down back in March. And during the first month of my Year of No Fear, I chose to sale two cars to a junk car type business. Both cars were brought at auction years ago and had over 235,000 miles on them and the expense to repair them was way more than the value of the cars. So what does this have to do with the Year of No Fear? Well, there was one event I wanted to attend which would have been my first event where I would sing for an open mic. I could not make it. I played with every affordable thought in my mind; Uber, Lyft, cab, friends, you name it, but no price fit my budget and my friends were unavailable last minute. And I know me, I would have walked if the venue had been close enough. So of course this second month, I have got to do an open mic night wher…

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