Nashville, TN 5 Super Yummy Restaurants You've Gotta Try

I think the word is out. That Nashville or as my family and others often refer to her, Nashvegas, isn't just country and boots. Not that anything is wrong with that. A Tennessee girl myself, I've been a fan of country and boots even before its current day popularity.
And not only is Nashville more than country and boots, it's more than southern style food too. Again, nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite places to visit in Nashville is good ole southern style food and served up the way I grew up loving it most, with family and friends. 
So without further ado, here are 5 super yummy restaurants in Nashville that you might just want to try. 

 Monell's was so good. From the decor to the family style dining and nothing but true southern hospitality, I felt like my family and I had been invited into a friend's home.
Our party was big enough to fill one table. However, if you are a smaller party, I hear that you may be set with other guests. I like that. And the host not only seat people, the host at the time I visited checked on us throughout our meal. She held conversation with us and made us feel right at home. 
There is no food to order. Everything is brought to the table. My family and I arrived for breakfast. Brought to the table was ham, bacon, sausage patties, chicken, grits, scrambled eggs, the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had, biscuits, fried potatoes, pitchers of water and tea. The only thing we had to order if we wanted it was coffee or juices. We blessed the food and dug in. Everything was seasoned so well and so tasty. It was like my granny's cooking, but almost better. Shhh. We won't tell her that. 

 A Touch Of Miami Right In Nashville - Cabana

Cabana is a beautiful, beautiful restaurant. I had passed what I guess is the back of Cabana many times traveling back and forth from my hotel to Vanderbilt. During the day it appeared to be a restaurant converted from an old garage. I never did find out if that was the case. However it was really cool looking and drew me in each and every time I passed by.

My brother and I went there one night just to grab drinks and get away from the hospital for awhile. It is located very close to Vanderbilt hospital. Since we were just having drinks, the hostess set us in the back area which was very cute. The floors if I recall correctly were concrete. There were a couple of cabanas in the back area and open seating with views of the parallel street. All very swanky and nice, putting me in the mind of something you may find on South Beach. Walking back from the hostess stand to the back bar, all of the cabanas were very nice. The restaurant was busy and we noticed lots parties, mainly what appeared to be bachelorette and birthday parties.

Our drinks were good and the service was good. We had a little food to cushion the alcohol, however, I don't recall what we had.

I enjoyed the atmosphere so much. That along will bring me back and I am sure I will try the food again.

I think it's a must see and try spot for anyone visiting Nashville or looking for a nice evening out. A great hang out for a group of friends or romantic date night. One thing I did not know when my brother and I visited is that on Friday and Saturday nights there is a $250 minimum you must spend to be seated in a Cabana. Read more about Cabana's reservations here.

Jacksons Bar and Bistro

Jacksons Gooey Butter Cake was so good. Everything on the menu and plates I saw being served to other guests all looked so tasty. I was there just to spend some more time with my little brother after a comedy show at which we had some finger foods. Jacksons was for dessert and coffee which for me wound up being a French Martini instead. It too was very good. 
It was a rainy and somewhat cold night, so their fireplace which hang from the ceiling was going. Very nice touch to a quaint atmosphere, with yummy food and good service. 

P.F. Changs West End

P.F. Changs is my favorite Happy Hour spot when I visit Nashville. Their Sangria is the best I've ever had. AND they will print the recipe for you so you can mix some up of your own. 
There's a nice selection of Happy Hour items from which to choose. My all time favorites are the Hand-Folded Crab Wantons, House-Made Egg Rolls and the Northern Style Ribs. Another perk to the P.F. Changs West End location in Nashville is that it's right across the street from the Centennial Park so you can walk off all the yummy food should you choose.

All I can say is try the devilled eggs. Oh my goodness. They are just too good. For the devilled eggs alone, Bricktops in my best friend and my go to spot. And then, I'm a bacon lover and absolutely love the maple bacon that comes with the devilled eggs. They really are that good. 
And then there's this chocolate, decadent delight. Bricktops Hot Fudge Sundae. YUM!!!

There are other favorite restaurants I have in Nashville, however I find myself being a repeat at the 5 super yummy restaurants in Nashville that I always tell my friends, you've gotta try.


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