Be Boundless In bstrd Infinity Necklace

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." ~ Rachel Zoe

Our style can definitely say how we feel at any given time.  And yes, can speaks volumes to who we are without speaking one single word. But we are multidimensional beings. Why limit ourselves, our style? We are beautiful beings with more than one emotion. And that can easily translate to what we decide to wear from day to day. One day we may feel lady like and demur and another sexy and seductive like our favorite femme fatale or carefree and boho chic, like Cosby Kid Denise, Lisa Bonet. Whatever your style choice and feel of the moment, one way it can be expressed is with the beautiful bstrd enlighten infinity necklace. Why be limited, when you can be boundless.

bstrd enlighten infinity necklace can be worn at least 6 different ways. Feel free to Explore. There are an abundant of ways to wear the infinity chain.

The chain is rose gold filled and rhodium {member of the platinum group} plated over sterling silver. The tassel is steel and also rose gold filled and rhodium plated over sterling silver.
My favorite way to currently wear the bstrd enlighten infinity necklace is with the tassel hanging at the center of the chest between the lungs and heart. It feels very modest and unassuming. But then the light weight chain gently caresses the hips and the view from the back lends way to a bit of edge and sex appeal. I can not wait to visit one of my favorite sunny spots and wear the infinity chain in this style over my bikini. :) I also see wearing the bstrd enlighten infinity necklace in this style in belly dance or yoga class.
 Another way to wear the bstrd enlighten infinity necklace is simply with it hanging at the center of the chest without hugging the hips. Very nice for a more demur look.

 My second favorite way to style the bstrd enlighten infinity necklace is with the chain’s tassel hanging closer to the waist and the chain swooping to one side of the hip.
 It’s such a beautiful chain that can be worn in so many ways. Why be bound to just one look, explore, be boundless.

One boundless artist to whom bstrd jewelry has appealed is Nicki Minaj. bstrd is designing some custom jewelry for the Rap, Pop and Fashion Star.

Based out of Canada, the creators of bstrd are also boundless. Andr√© Bastien works with sculptures, drawings, animation and graphic design,  manipulating form and color in his own unique way. Tianna Bastien has an eye for industry trends and keeps bstrd style on point.

Work hard, play hard, that is part of what bstrd is about. Just imagine you didn’t?

Be Boundless. Explore more of bstrd alluring pieces of jewelry at

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