Reflections of the Day - A Place For Me

How do you show yourself love? Do you ever feel guilty for taking time for you? I used to and every now and again that guilt creeps in. It's fading however. The ways I show myself love are growing. The most helpful to date has been adding "me" to a motto I first learned many moons ago as a Mary Kay rep. It was God-Family-Career. 
Heartbreaking life events like loosing 5 loved ones within a 10 month period and events that took place during and after the loss of my loved ones encouraged me to double check that motto, add a place for "me" and reinforce for myself, God-Me-Family-Career. 
For some reason I reflected on this motto today during a 4 hour trip home. I encouraged myself to show myself some love by taking the time to do what was important to me rather than just rushing home to prepare for the next days work. It was such a wonderful day of capturing God's beauty and spending time with my family. 
{Trees On Top Of Mountain}
{Sky, Mountain, Lake}
{Sky, Earth, Water}
{Sun In Tree}


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