Tina Turner - Singer Celebrates 75th Birthday

{Photo By: Jack Robinson}
Oh how I adore this woman. I just think Ms. Tina Turner is so beautiful, so brave, a fighter, survivor, ROCK legend, music legend, one of the grandest epitomes of “I am Woman. Hear me roar.”

Soooo many great Tina Turner lyrics, songs, come to mind when I think of  her awesome body of work. My all time favorite Tina Turner lyrics  are probably “Well, I really can’t see. Why it’s so hard to be. Good to me. And you know. I don’t understand. What’s your plan. And why you can’t be. Good to me.”

Oh my goodness, so many great songs from Tina Tuner. {I just said that didn’t I?} The ones I find myself playing pretty much all the time, in my head, on my records, tapes, Cd’s, on Youtube, you name it are:

Better Be Good To Me
Golden Eye {How awesome did Tina Turner look in this video?}
We Don’t Need Another Hero
Proud Mary {cause you know. we never do anything, nice and easy}
River Deep, Mountain Eye

Did I say already that I adore this woman? And love too. It is amazing to me when someone has a vision for themselves and despite all, they keep that focus and drive to be the woman, the person, they were meant to be.

I not only wish Ms. Tina Turner a HUGE Happy 75th Birthday. I also, salute and honor her.
I wish the happiest of birthdays to one of the sexiest, most talented women to ever live.
Tina Turner - Singer, Tennessee woman, Dancer, Entertainer, woman, mom, wife, human, being extraordinaire.

And how did I forget Ms. Tina Turner’s legendary legs. LOVE. 
{Photo By: Jack Robinson}


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