25 Day Love Challenge Day 11 - I Get It From My Granny

I really, really do. I take pictures of EVERY thing and I get that from my granny. My family and I would playfully give her a hard time because while she enjoyed taking photos, she some how managed to get her thumb in every single shot. That didn't stop her. She kept at it and now you can not tell her anything. She thinks she is a photography extraordinaire. Just recently she had me take a picture of a picture, so I could send the photo via text to my uncle in Texas. She wanted to rant and rave about her spectacular shot. She even boasted that did not need classes and wanted me to share in her sassy tone, "This is what 'I' do." With an emphasis on the 'I' please.

Needless to say I absolutely love this woman. I can't help but to believe that my love for snapping a shot every chance I get comes from her. And while I do not wish to be a photographer per say, since I've started blogging, I've picked the interest back up for a few reasons. The main reason is I want to provide great quality shots for the people who enjoy my blog. Thank you so much. Another reason is because I want to understand what's going on on the other side of lens when taking photos for fashion. Understanding light and other things I hope will make me easy and fun to work with, plus I've always been one to enjoy cross training, learning different aspects of a job. And I do love it. There are just so many wonderful things to capture. The world and the people in it are just so beautiful.

Today's Love Challenge encouraged enjoying one of your hobbies. While I had an out-of-town trip and did not have the opportunity to go all out the way I wanted, I did have my mom's cat who was very cooperative with me and posed for a few shots. I also captured a photo of a bridge in my hometown. Then there are just a few random shots that I caught here and there that I love.

I hope you took some time today to enjoy a hobby of yours. Do you think you will make time to enjoy more of the things you love in the coming new year? I sure hope so.


  1. Love the idea of reconnecting with old hobbies or things we enjoyed doing. keep the awesome posts coming. P.S. What a wonderful gran you have!!

  2. Thank you so much. I recently started to reconnect with many of my loves and hobbies and they all bring me so much joy. And my granny, oh yes, she is wonderful, witty, fun; full of so much life, and at 84. :)♡


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