25 Day Love Challenge Day 12 - About Love

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There is this funny, crazy, amazing thing about love. It feels so good and unfortunately at times, can hurt so badly. The subject of love, the being of love and all of the wonderful things that accompany love is one of my all time favorite topics to enjoy. What I love so dearly about love, is one, the way it feels. It's such a wonderful feeling to love. And I'm not even talking romantic love. I'm thinking more along the lines of love, as in waking up every morning and loving life so much, that you love and appreciate the sun the peeks through your blinds. You take a deep breath and you love God so much for that one single breath that when multiplied by many equals life. To {truly}live life is to love it.

As I write this post, I am brought to tears because although I told myself when starting The Love Channel that it would be about all things lovely it's just so hard to not notice the lack of love taking place in the world. I was thinking the other day how wonderful it would be if we just all expired from a long lived, beautiful life full of love. And just naturally passed away by the hand of the creator and not man. And we just return to earth, like dust in the wind as the song title states. And like the wind, we could occasionally caress the cheek of the loved ones we left behind, allowing them to feel our touch, yet their hearts be filled with happiness, not sadness, because our lives ended naturally, peacefully and truly in love, never tragically.

Love for many I come across is tragic. And that is just so heartbreaking for me. I too have experienced tragic love. I did not understand it then and I do not understand it now. Loving someone is a chose. And when someone chooses to love us, it is such a precious commodity. We should treat it the way we treat our things. Our cars that we tend to, cleaning away every little spot we see. Our homes that we work so hard for, taking the time to care for by trimming the bushes and trees, tending to the lawn every weekend and cleansing it as if it were the house of the Lord or some place of worship. Love is to worshiped. It is to be cared for with such detail that it only grows. Love should be undying. Love should leave us very seldom crying. Love is not pain. Love is not hurt. Love is not tragic.

Love is taking a deep breath, appreciating that when each breath is multiplied it equals life. Having life equals love. An amazing, crazy, funny thing called love.


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