25 Day Love Challenge, Day 14 - Welcome To Ty's Kitchen, How May I Care For You?

What's your favorite meal? Did you prepare yourself your favorite meal today?

Since I did not have anyone to cook for this past Sunday for Day 8 of the 25 Day Love Challenge, I prepared something special today, on Day 14. 

I looove to cook. The way I enjoy cooking is more than cooking to me. It's not just whipping something together which I do on occasion, but even then, I like to take my time and cook with love and consideration. And often times I like to add my own flare, try a different seasoning or herb, "add some jelly to my chili" is my phrase for giving something a little extra something, something. :) I like to add just a little, then taste, a bit more and taste again until whatever item I'm preparing has the taste I was going for. And don't worry, I taste with different spoons each time when preparing food for guests.

Coming from about 20 years in the hospitality industry, I'm also a huge fan of presentation and courses. Anyone that I have the pleasure of serving in the future, I hope you don't look at me too oddly when I serve an appetizer, then salads or soup, the entree, then dessert and coffee and/or an after dinner drink. I've gotten the side eye before like, "Is this all she cooked", when I brought out an appetizer and nothing else. In my kitchen is all about How May I Care For You. And in caring for you, it brings me so much with what I do. Especially if your face and words show that you really enjoy the meal.

{Note: My friend made the bread }:)

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