25 Day Love Challenge Day 16 - Keep On Moving

Keep on moving, don't stop no. Please no.

Today's 25 Day Love Challenge suggests complimenting a friend or many friends on something {many things} you admire about them.

I have so many wonderful friends doing so many awesome things. Seeing my friends, strive, survive and reach their goals just makes me so happy and sometimes even makes me want to cry. Sounds crazy maybe, but when you know a friend's struggles and you're blessed enough to be in their life when they overcome those struggles to finally obtain their goals, it is just such a wonderful experience to be a part of. Seriously, I have so many friends doing so many wonderful things, I will not have the opportunity to call, text or Facebook them all today, but I've promised myself that I will start today and finish by the end of this year. :)

It can be a tough world out there in this crazy thing called life and I admire so greatly those who keep on moving. And every once in awhile I'll post this song to my Facebook or other social media outlet  or send it privately to a friend to simply say, Keep on moving. Keep on moving, don't stop, NO.

Humbly with Love,


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