25 Day Love Challenge Day 2 - Favorite Outfit

Did you guys wear your favorite outfit yesterday? If you did and you took photos, please feel free to post your Favorite Outfit look to The Love Channel's Facebook page. I know ya'll rocked it.

My favorite outfit in my closet right now is this long black, I call it island girl dress, with middle split.

It has been so long since I've worn it out. I need to purchase a sexy, simple black heel and take this baby for a spin around town. When it warms back up of course. Or either when I take a trip some place nice and warm. 
I think I would wear it with my favorite necklace by Cristina Tamames Jewelry but
worn as a bracelet and with a straw clutch.
So how did you feel wearing your favorite outfit? I notice when I dress for me, I feel more confident. I don't fidget with my clothes and I think because I feel more confident it shows.

No matter what we wear, I think confidence is the most important thing to have. Well confidence, a smile, kindness and love in our hearts. Those things always look so beautiful when worn. 

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