25 Day Love Challenge, Day 22 - A Place For Worship, A Place For Love

{Little Church Girl}
Today's 25 Day Love Challenge suggest attending a place of worship with family, friends or alone.

I have always enjoyed places of worship, places of love. When I travel, I'm drawn to churches. I'm a fan of architecture for one. And I also enjoy learning how different cultures worship. And I love worship music and hymns. While I love it all, my favorite type of worship music is gospel. My granny played a lot of Mahalia Jackson and my grandma introduced me to my all time favorite gospel song, Jesus Is Love by The Commodores. I even enjoy hearing Mr. Lionel Richie share the story behind the song. Sharing that he meant for it to be a romantic love song, however what came out was a different type of love song.
Of course I could go on and on, especially since I love music so much. Another favorite worship and love song of mine is Love by Kirk Franklin.
What is your favorite worship and love song?


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