25 Day Love Challenge, Day 23 - Love Rituals

Today's Love Challenge suggests considering rituals of love to take in to the New Year. I'm a little embarrassed to say somewhere along the line I lost my way. I got caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and stopped enjoying many of the things in life that brings me joy, and brings love and joy to those I cherish. Any one who knows me would beg to differ. They call me the adventurous one in the family. I'm so not, however I aspire to be. :)

I would say it has been around the last 4, maybe 5 years that I recommitted myself to truly living and doing many of the things I enjoy. One is a yearly pilgrimage to the beach. I will surely keep that one.

Two is I started reading a book each season. I definitely have to keep that one. I love books and magazines and just learning about new things.
There was a time when I would work at one job and stop in between it and my second job for very unhealthy fast food. Five to six days out of the week my day would go from 9 in the morning until 9 at night. The long hours, lack of sleep, eating late at night and eating fast food took me up to a size 12 which was not good for me. I decided to begin on a journey to create the life I deserve. I was blessed enough to make small changes such as changes to my work life. Changing my work schedule allowed me to avoid my biggest stress which was traffic. My change in work hours also allowed me time to cook both breakfast and dinner for myself. I would mainly eat lunch at work but made far better choices than I had in the past.
I'm continuing to create the life I deserve with love rituals that honors myself and those I love. I feel this also helps me to honor God.

In 20-15 I'm excited to spend more time talking {talking being the key word} to my loved ones. I am so guilty of chatting with even my mom on Facebook and via email. Not so good for the woman who gave me life. :) And of course this includes both my dads who are not on social media so I only talk to them when I go to visit and every now and again on the phone. I'm also going ole school and mailing birthday cards to my family and friends and even the occasional "Just Thinking About You" cards.

Another love ritual that I'm super excited about is making time to return to my very first loves, singing and songwriting. I never know how to answer the question how long have I been doing the two. I recall loving to write and journal as early as six. It was at 14 when my choir teacher Mrs. Brown gave me an A+++ for a poem that I wrote. And although I was afraid to do singing solos, I had no problem playing the latest songs I had learned via my piano lessons. She would often have me play during class.
I'm also super excited about defining my style. I miss so much wearing what I like and expressing myself through fashion. The many reasons are too long to go into but kind of involve that saying, "Do you remember who you were before the world told you who to be." It goes something like that. I have so many clothes in my closet that are so not me. I am looking forward to purging them and continuing to fill my closet with pieces of me.
What love rituals will you practice in 20-15?


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