25 Day Love Challenge Day 3 - Angel Wings, Pizza and An Ice Cream Sandwich

{My Favorite VS Angel Adriana Lima - Photo Emmanuel Dunand from Today.com}

My treat for Day 3 of the 25 Day Love Challenge was a few things. I got a little greedy. 
I knew I had to tune into the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. All of the different angel wings, the beautiful and sweet girls, lace and lingerie and music. I look forward to the show every year. 

I usually have something yummy to eat while I watch. This year's treat was 1/2 of a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. The last time I had pizza was back in the summer. June to be exact.
{Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza}

Lastly I had to have a tiny bit of dessert too. The other day I made this super delicious peanut butter ice cream sandwich. Not to toot my own horn, but oh my goodness. they were soooo good. 
So I saved one especially for tonight.

Angel wings, pizza and an ice cream sandwich. My special little treats to show myself a little extra love. :)
What special something did you treat yourself to? 


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