25 Day Love Challenge Day 8 - What's Cooking

So what's cooking good looking? Did you guys cook up something special for your family or your honey bunny? Me, I switched out days. I didn't have anyone to cook for today, so I skipped to day 14 {Saturday, December 20} and cooked a little something, something for myself.

I had all of this left over celery from dressing that I made for Thanksgiving. And I'm one of those type of people who just can not waste food, anything really. So I've been cooking all week with celery. Today's dish had none other than celery in it and lots of other yummy ingredients.

It's a dish I stumbled upon just by making it for myself one day when I was down to the last little bit of items in the fridge and I did not feel like going to the grocery store. It must have been a Saturday. I always try to go when it's less busy.

Well the super yummy dish that I came up with contained rice, black beans {can't ever go wrong there}, onions, cabbage and shrimp. It was really good and became one of my favorite dishes. So tonight I made it for myself again, except this time around I added the celery that is almost gone now and sausage. Like black beans and rice, to me, you just can't go wrong with sausage.

I sauteed the onion and celery mix along with one garlic glove in some virgin olive oil, adding a pinch of salt, then added 2 TBSP of rice and black beans, 1/2 cup cabbage and 1/2 precooked sausage patty. Talk about YUM-MY! It was so good. And it would also make an excellent vegetarian dish without the sausage. It could also be a good detox meal with all the onion, cabbage and celery which are great detox foods. Well, I wasn't eating for detoxing today, however I think my body will still thank me because it was so good and also good for me. 


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