Christmas in Paris

I'm just reminiscing today about December 2, 2011, when I spent my first time in Paris. You know how some places are all hype and they let you down. I want say in what city I had that experience, however I will share, that it was not Paris. The beautiful City of Lights was just absolutely beautiful, magical even.

I love when a city has a good hustle and bustle, yet can also be calm, relaxing, cute and oh so quaint. The mixture of the hustle and with people taking time to stop for hours to sit outside at a cafe to enjoy café au lait alone {something I love to do} or with a friend or friends was very nice, heart warming. And my favorite, FAVORITE thing was walking along a street with all this hustle and bustle and then one little turn and you're on the cutest, cobblestone street where you can find old bookstores, little art museums or step up to a window to order a quick crêpes au jambon/fromage (ham and cheese) and just about any filling really. One of my favorite Parisian street foods was the super yummy Belgian waffle with Nutella. Yummy. And just so delightful, the street foods and this place where every and any little turn could make you feel like you took a step back in time. I loved it.

I had so many wonderful experiences. But today I am thinking in particular about just walking for hours and hours with no destination in mind. Enjoying all of the Christmas decorations. All the lights. All of the people. And doing a little shopping around Champs Elysees. Most of it was window shopping, but still very enjoyable nonetheless, just enjoying Paris.


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