Make It Rain Matt McAndrew MAKE-IT-RAIN

Oh my God and sweet Jesus in heaven. I'm catching up on The Voice and, Wow!!! Chills moved up my spine, tingled in my head and made the hair on my arms stand up. I went to church. I was in my living room all by myself when I heard Matt McAndrew cover Make It Rain on The Voice and church was held on a Monday.

I was just like, I don't know. I'm at at loss for words. I had to learn the origins of this song. Who is the original singer? Who wrote it? Who arranged it?

Adam Levine heard it on Sons of Anarchy and I can clearly hear how he was blown away. I was like, "You better do the darn thang Ed Sheeran" when he came up as the artist who performed the song on Sons of Anarchy. But something said this is from an older soul, it felt so southern, like from Muddy Waters, from Mississippi, from Tennessee.

I still do not know who originally came up with the tune. Is it Foy Vance as seen performing Make It Rain at the Basement in Nashville last year? Jesus, his voice is AMAZING. I'm like, "Why wasn't I at the Basement on THIS night."
I don't know, but all I do know is that I am in absolute love with this song and all three versions. This is music for the soul. And my soul has been fed.


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