MK Watch For Christmas

Michael Kors Double-Wrap Leather Watch, Golden by Michael Kors

I never really make a Christmas list asking Santa for what I want. However this year and for what reason I still have not discovered, I want to start wearing a watch again in 2015. I really don't know what that is about. I haven't worn a watch since maybe junior high school.

So I've searched the internet and my favorite watch, the one thing on my Christmas list this year, is a MK watch. The Michael Kors Double Wrap Leather Watch is perfect for me. I love the color. I know I can wear it with just about all of my casual, daily and bohemian wear. And when it comes to going out, I don't think I want a watch for those types of occasions. When it comes to going out for girls night out, on a date, I think I'd rather let time slip away. 


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