Music Monday - Paris, Oui se il vous plaît

There's no denying, I LOVE MUSIC!!! :) As India Arie sings, "You're Always In My Head". Seriously, always. Music played such a huge part of my trip to Paris. At the time I had never been AND, I had never seen Lenny Kravitz in concert. So the opportunity to see Lenny Kravitz for a first time, plus the beautiful city of lights was music magic.
Music was every where. 
The most lovely part of the experience was having a host with such wonderful taste in music. Nightly we sipped on wine and listened to Nina Simon. As much as I enjoy her, I can't believe it was my first time hearing Ne me quitte pas. I think I've listened to every version ever made since hearing this beautiful song. Plus I was introduced to artist I had never heard of. One of my favorites being, Brigitte Fontaine. I fell in love with her artistry, her way to just be. And her fashion and style. I must have listened to Comme à la radio, L'éternel retour and Moi Aussi {this one scared me when it first came on} a million times. And then there was Arthur H. I love his voice. La chanson de Satie is so beautiful and Confessions Nocturnes rocked me to sleep for about a year.

{I'm not a smoker :)}


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