#UInspire - Blessings In Being The Boss

I definitely agree with nail technician and educator Chiante Boddie who shares that there are blessings in being the boss. "There’s nothing like being the boss!!!” “Being able to create your life, your business, the way you choose is a blessing.”
Read Chiante’s #UInspire interview and learn what inspired her to become a nail technician, how she found her passion and what helps her through life’s challenges. And of course if you are in or plan to visit Atlanta, be sure to contact Chiante for your nail care needs. 
Name: Chiante Boddie
Age: 41
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Currently living in: Atlanta, GA
{TLC}: What inspired you to become a nail tech?
 Chiante: Well first let me say I’d only had my nails done professionally twice when I started the Nail Technology Program. Those two times were because my sister took me. I would polish my hands and feet and put on Lee Press On nails. But I didn’t have the desire to actually become a Nail Technician. Then one day my best friend said that I should take up Nursing because I would always have a job. So I applied to the local trade school and got accepted into the Nursing program. When I went for registration, the school said the program was full and they couldn’t take me in the class. They told me to choose something else. I looked to my right and saw the Nail Program.  I said, “I’ll do that!!!” The administrator said, “How are you going from Nursing to Nails???” I said, ” What do you care, you didn’t have room for me in Nursing!!!” From the moment I stepped into the Nail Technology program I was in love!!! Serendipity!!!!
{TLC}: How long have you been a nail technician?
Chiante: 15 years
{TLC}: Do you enjoy doing manicures or pedicures more, or do you enjoy them equally?
Chiante: Pedicures are my favorite!!! I love the transformation!!! And people love pretty toes!!!
{TLC}: Is there anything you find challenging about being a nail technician?
Chiante: Peoples preconceived notions about the nail industry.  That are most often wrong.
{TLC}: Is there a favorite quote or saying that inspires you through the challenges or just inspires you in general during any of life’s challenges?
Chiante: She believed she could, so she did!!!!
{TLC}: You recently opened your own shop. What inspired you to do so?
Chiante: I like to run things, lol!!! Baby there’s nothing like being the boss!!! Being able to create your life, your business,  the way you choose is a blessing!!! 
{TLC}: Is there anything else you would like to share with The LOVE Channel?
Chiante: Find your purpose and don’t give up!!!
I love you Ty!!!!
Awww, thank you Ms. Chiante. I love you too.
Thank you for sharing your experiences with The Love Channel. I can’t wait to come for my next mani/pedi.
Chiante really is the best. You can tell she loves what she do. Call her for your appointment today.


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