Happy New Year Kimono Break

Today feels like my last day of holiday. And speaking of holiday, it was all so wonderful. I see my family throughout the year, however during Thanksgiving and especially Christmas, I so enjoy sitting with them for hours to eat and talk, eat and talk, eat and talk and lastly have coffee. It will probably be another two months before I get to see them all again. Oh that sounds so far away. I will have to make it sooner.

So on this last day of holiday, I just wanted to take some time to relax. Are there some things left undone. Yep. However I'm o.k. with that. It is mainly my goal to clean out my closet that is left undone. This month's big project is to clean out a box everyday through the end of January to organize photos, bills, get ready for taxes, donate clothes and just get some things done before it becomes to cold outside or perhaps we are snowed in.

Well, with all of that said, I made sure to take full advantage of this last day before everything gets back to normal by doing what I call a Happy New Year Kimono Break. Outside of snapping a few shots for this post, I am spending the rest of the day enjoying a couple of bites to eat, drinking a cup of tea or two and just relaxing.

I am definitely going to make this Happy New Year Kimono Break a habit throughout the year. It is such a comfy way to relax and with the heat in my place set kind of high, it's much more comfortable than my flannel pieces.
I hope every one had a wonderful holiday season. Another big Happy New Year to you all.


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