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I love LA. When I first started to visit the city of angels back in the day, my main purpose would be to shop. I can't even remember where I would go to eat in the 90s. How could that be? I have no idea because I have always loved food. 
Here recently my trips have always included food. Lots and lots of visits to places to enjoy some super delicious dishes.
I have family and friends in Los Angeles and I can not believe they did not share with me that I must visit Pink's. If memory serves me correctly, the first time I ever had a Pink's hot dog was 2010. I have been a fan ever since.
Their hot dogs are gluttonous works of art. lol Combinations of things I never thought of and don't know why. However I think I may have the opportunity to try them all. I make a stop by Pink's whenever I am in LA. And I usually insist on taking a friend so I have someone to stand in line with. Yep, there is typically a line. Sometimes a really long line. And I also need a friend to try something different from me, so I can of course take bites of theirs. ;)
So far I've tried the Bacon Burrito Dog. This was my first bite of Pink's Hotdog heaven. It's two hot dogs wrapped inside a big flour tortilla with 3 slices of bacon, cheddar cheese, onions and chili {sigh}. Oh my goodness it is so yummy. I've also tried the Bacon, Chili Cheese Dog, The Ozzy Spicy Dog and the Mulholland Drive Dog. I'm like Wendy Williams right now. A little drool just slipped from the right corner of my mouth. LOL and Ewww.
I'm checking out Pink's menu as I write and I have my eyes set on the Lord of The Rings Dog and that Pastrami Burrito Dog. Oh my goodness. I can't wait. I can never eat an entire dog, but the few bites I do enjoy are bites of heaven.
Another spot that I really enjoy is Lexington Social House. It is a beautiful restaurant, super cool and trendy spot. Great food and great music. What could go wrong? Well, I hear they have closed. Which is really sad. Whomever gets it next, I hope they retain the music which was often times live. And the great service. The food was excellent also. I love food so much, I'm willing to try just about anything just so long as it is good. And LSH had super yummy crab cakes and the calamari was prepared to perfection. Not over cooked and chewy, yet cooked hard enough so the breading doesn't fall off. Awww, I really liked this spot.
Like Pink's another must visit spot, well not MUST, however I really enjoy Urth Caffe. It is really a great spot. Plus the back story to "discovering" it is really cool.
My husband was doing a photo shoot in the area and when he came to pick me up and shared that he came across a spot that he was sure I would love. It was Urth Caffe on Melrose. And I LOVE to people watch so again, he was so right. I loved it.
During my years as a massage therapist, I have to say the biggest thing I learned was about appreciating my body in a whole new way. During my massage school days back in 2000, I was going to fast food spots for lunch while half of my classmates were going to Whole Foods or bringing in lunch from their own gardens or co-ops. I really think learning about genetically modified foods, organic foods and eating in moderation really changed my life. I won't get off onto that tangent today, but let's just say before 2000, I would have eaten probably two Pink's hotdogs all by myself.
So back to Urth Caffe, let's just say, I adore this little place. It's cramped and tight and more than alright. And for a nice romantic setting I enjoy visiting the West Hollywood location. My first visit I had the chicken curry and it was so, so good {my eyes just rolled to the back of my head. That's a good thing}. And the last go around I enjoyed some smoked salmon, cream cheese, super yummy, "I taste like tomatoes" tomatoes, potatoes with onions and bell peppers and a super delicious, flaky, melt in your mouth almond croissant.
I have to share that I also enjoyed Paul Martin's
Not another hot dog. Yes. I mean, you just can't go wrong with nacho cheese, chili and corn chips and on top of a dog. Yes please. This yummy little guy was compliments of my aunt and cousin and a food truck, Dogtown Dogs.
And my cousin straight clowned me because I wanted to try the chicken at Chateau Marmont. Hey, I'm a southern girl, I just wanted to see how the folks out west do fried chicken. Plus I get on my kicks to see who has the best calamari, smoked salmon, crab cakes {I've been on that kick for a minute}, spinach dip {I used to work at Houston's}, cupcakes and now I don't really have a kick. Hmmm? Oh, but let's just say I was pleasantly surprised with Chateau Marmont's huge serving and pretty tasty dish. I couldn't take photos, sorry. :( You will just have to trust me. It was a pretty and delicious plate. 


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