Music Monday - André 3000 Sings The Blues and Looks So Good Doing It

Sometimes, well often times, for absolutely no reason at all, a song from back in the day and out of the blue will pop into my mind. I've been working singing, 

"Do-doo-do-do Do-doo-do-do

Do-doo-do-do Do-doo-do-do"

Maybe in the back of my mind I remembered how hot André looks with his shirt off {cough, sigh} or perhaps it was that it is a super cool song and I love to hear the awesome rapper, one of the best in my opinion, also sing and play the guitar. Whatever the case, I'm glad I looked it up. I had actually forgotten the title, however while searching for Idlewild, finally found Idlewild Blue. It's a perfect song for a day like today in the A. Atlanta has been grey all day, however it feels so good outside. It is the perfect day for cuddling and snuggling or dancing around the house while listening to André 3000 Sing The Blues 

The Idlewild Blue(s).


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