I suppose doing what you love is always easier said than done. It's as if there is something to keep us from doing that which we love the most. Be it a lack of funds, fear, time, you name it. But as my granny always say, "there's more than one way to skin a cat." I still don't know where that saying comes from, however I know exactly what granny mean. There is always another way to do something and also as granny shares, "if it's important enough, you'll get it done. You'll find a way." And she never allows excuses, but rather questions, "have you thought about this or thought about that?"

So here I am, many, many moons later, finally doing that which I love and that is singing and songwriting. I just love the arts. And I've done it before, however always in a group setting as a choir member and also at a performing arts school. I was just always too fearful of standing there, singing alone, hearing my voice, so I would never audition for any solo parts. And when it came time for evaluations in musical theatre I would do so well in the stage and acting areas, but would make a C on my voice evaluations. :( Mainly because fear kept me from even making it through the entire process. I remember one note my teacher sent home and the big part that stood out was that I just needed to work on being confident with my vocals.

I still don't know how to get that confidence other than to just do it. So here I am, just doing it. Pushing myself to put something out there. So while this is another acapella, rough draft, I'm so excited to learn all that I can about EVERYTHING; my voice as an instrument, even picking up an instrument or two, performing, just learning all that I can. And I suppose the more I do, the easier it will become.

So here's to and cheers to doing what you love.

I hope you'll follow along this new journey of mine. My desire is to continue to conquer my fears and create music that I hopefully will inspire life and inspire love for an eternity. :)



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