One Year of Fashion

 I have to admit, while I absolutely love fashion, I have not always been the biggest fashion bug. At least not when it came to wearing fashion. I guess you could say I was a fashion bug in the sense that I have always loved reading fashion magazines and I have always enjoyed and admired people with great style. After all one of my favorite things to do is to enjoy lunch, brunch, any meal really, cafe style while enjoying street style fashion shows. :)

I kind of started to refine my style about 2 years ago, but this first year as a blogger, I have really enjoyed refining and defining MY style. A good starting point for me was looking at my Pinterest pins for keys to what I was naturally drawn to. And I noticed people whose style I was drawn to as well. It was often my favorite boho styled women Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. And then Solange Knowles, oh my goodness, her mix of prints, color and texture just rocks my world. And I noticed also that I was drawn to my mom's style from back in the 70's. My mom is the light of my life and I've always loved her beautiful hair and sweet, boho chic style. I guess you could say mom was my first style icon.

So I took those things I was drawn to and started by shopping my own closet. I'm one of those people who would have nice pieces but would always feel I didn't have anything to wear. Once I started to consider fashion and style and not just wearing clothes, it was fun to shop my closet and pull from it some pretty cool pieces that mimicked what I was drawn to. I had the pieces, it was just time to put them together to have a little style.

I've really enjoyed this rediscovery of fashion and style for myself. I've gone from wearing ill fitting clothes to considering better fitting pieces and sprucing them up with accessories that helps to define my own personal style. I'm super excited to explore this evolution of fashion if you will and enjoy how my style grows and changes.

 One Year of Fashion


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