Spring 2015 Fashion Has Sprung

Spring 2015 fashion is just so much fun. It's all so reminiscent of watching my very first style icon, my mom get ready in the 70s. The scent of honey suckle filled the air. There was always a party in the back yard with lots of good food, family, friends and LOTS of awesome music. This was our thing for spring.

My aunts and uncles played a lot of Commodores, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Jackson 5, Earth, Wind and Fire and my granny, it seemed she had Marvin Gaye on heavy rotation. Then there was my mom who loved the likes of all of the wonderful artists above and would also play a lot of Stevie Wonder, Air Supply, Hall and Oates and I had one aunt who was infatuated with Prince.

I went on a complete tangent. It was the Victoria Beckham Denim Mini Dress that sent me there. I wish I had a better photo to share. My mom wore a dress so similar to it, just in a different color. She just look so sweet. I loved her effortless, boho chic style as a child.

My mom and dad were/are just too precious. They didn't have much, but surely had lots of love and LOTS of style. :)

I came along a year later after the photo above. I'm guessing I remember this dress from this photo or maybe I have memory from my time as just a few months. LOL :) I'm completely teasing, however I do remember so much love and music and fashion and food. 

One of my aunts wore a dress like The Row Nahel Linen Dress to work often. I just remember thinking she was so pretty in her linen dress and cute short afro. And the Etro Embellished Printed Dress, I just absolutely love along with all of the fun spring accessories for this year.

I so need to finish cleaning out my closet and it's past time to get my spring shopping on. Spring Fashion Has Sprung.
 2016 Update
The items via the links and photo above are {currently}sold out. Spring forward to 2016 and I'm still inspired by my mom's beautiful look from the 70's and that super cute Victoria Beckham Denim Mini Dress. I really want to add at least one denim dress to my closet this year. Which is your favorite denim dress below?

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