Thank You Nashville

There are two things I know for sure. One, you can't just call Nashville music city anymore. Not that there's anything wrong with that, however it is just that Nashville is SO-MUCH-MORE. And two, that city sure has heart. Oh my goodness. I hugged so many strangers over the course of my stay in Nashville for Nashville Fashion Week. And I'm a Tennessee girl by way of Chattanooga so I'm used to lots of love and southern hugs. Plus my family is a bunch of huggers, but still, talking about hugging strangers, Nashvegas gets its hugs on. And I like (smile).

Everyone was just so sweet. And I'm talking even outside of the Nashville Fashion Week folk. I've been to Nashville plenty of times before, so I like to believe it's genuine stuff. There was impeccable service from every single person in every single department at Whole Foods Green Hills. You know that kind of service where there's a genuine conversation going on about what you're cooking for the evening. And when you ask where the raisins are, the person helping you walks you over to show you the exact spot. I'm so bad with names, however I remember a Ricky, Jasmine, John and Taylor just being so nice. And again, everyone was so super sweet.

And then there was Brian and Jake over at Allen Edmonds who rocked my world. They knew everything about everything when it came to those super hot shoes. I mean shoes so hot they turn you on. Seriously. The leather is like butta, so smooth and creamy and just plain ole sexy. Well, I guess butter isn't all that sexy, but boy does it make everything and anything taste good, just like I bet those Allen Edmonds make every guy and his outfit look pretty darn delectable.

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 And then there were the ladies over at UAL. I think I left with a cavity they were so sweet. LOL I'm being silly and still coming down off my sugary, sweet Nashvegas high. Seriously, the ladies over at UAL ran such a well oiled machine all while keeping smiles and looking super cute. Mildred remembered every guest by name. She so effortlessly kept a wait list of who was next for the dressing rooms, checked in on each guests by name to see how their dressing room experiences were going and the ladies even took time to take photos for my blog and the newspaper to which I contribute.

I tell you what. I could go on and on. However I am just going to say again, a big HUGE Thank you Nashville and share below the awesome businesses and people behind them. It was a pleasure meeting everyone. And I am so bad with names. I'm working on that, so please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone. And another thing, of course I didn't even meet everyone. So just think about it. There's even more sweetness and amazing talent walking around Nashville. 

Love and Light and Good Night

Brian, Jake - Allen Edmonds at Green Hills
Ricky, Jasmine, John and Taylor - Whole Foods at Green Hills
Anthony Beasley - Studio One Production Photographer
Michale White - Michael White Paintings
Mclaine Richardson - Margaret Ellis Jewelry
Miranda, Michael, Jim, J.T.  - Haymakers & Co. 
Ashley, Mildred, Lauren - United Apparel Liquidators {Ladies, the shoes are like candy. So much cute stuff  at UAL. You've gotta go get your shopping on}
Alfred Bove - Designer Religion Clothing
Sam Gutshall - SamGutshallVideo
Leigh Fogle - BKON
Sarin, James - Taggist
Connie Richardson - Nashville Fashion Week Founder 
Catherina Davidson - Nashville Fashion Week Director of Communications
Jasmine Wiley - Nashville Fashion Week Communications Assistant

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{with Catherina and Jasmine}

{With Michael White}
 {with Mclaine Richardson}
 {with Phillip Madison}
{With the ladies of UAL}
{with Leigh Fogle}

 {with Alfredo Bove}
{with Connie Richardson}

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