Atlanta's Best Date Night Spot

What awaits you down these stairs and also upstairs are some pretty cool, fun and tasty treats.

I recently visited Ormsby's in Atlanta's Westside Provisions area and fully enjoyed all that it had to offer. Funny enough I had just attended an event at Free People the week before and the hidden treasure Ormsby's was out of site. It is kind of tucked away. And the coolness starts from the moment you discover it and see the "O" on the wood door and pull on the door handle which appears to be a strip of black leather. Open the door and Ormsby's looks like an upscale, speak easy from the past.

There's a small sitting area with leather couches and on the wall, a display of books and games that made me excited. The first thing I spotted was the game Sorry (smiles). That one game alone was so reminiscent of my childhood.

After being set, one menu contained a plethora of beers. One of Ormsby's specialties is the craft beers that they carry. A separate menu contained the food items offered. Ormsby's offers fresh ingredients and seasonal food items. I enjoyed Uncle Fred's Ultimate BLT. I have to admit, when I opened it up, I was a bit disappointed by the 2 slices of bacon, you know 'B' LT. However it was no problem as my server sweetly brought me a few more pieces of bacon. Plus the darn thing was sooooo good. And I'm not even a sunny side up eggs type of girl. But it was seasoned so well to where, well, I'm now a sunny side up eggs type of girl. Plus I think I felt my Pop's smile down on me. That's how he loved his eggs and as a child I just thought it was the most gross thing. Not anymore of course.

What preceded my lunch choice was the most delicious fried food item I have experienced in some time now. Ormsby's pimento cheese and corn fritters were so super yummy. My date only had to ask me once if I wanted more. Usually I do that back and forth dance of "you eat it, no I insist", but not this time around. They came four to an order so you may want two orders of the delicious appetizer which I thought paired very well with beer. I went for a Full Sail Amber.

For me no meal is really complete until I try some dessert and have a cup of coffee. Since I have never tried a fried PBJ sandwich, that was definitely the choice for me. The coffee was robust and good, think along the lines of a Starbucks dark roast. And the PBJ sandwich was interesting and pretty good. I can't use my super yummy description only because it just wasn't my cup of tea, however I think it's worth the try as all tastes varies. I did enjoy the warm peanut butter, the whipped cream which melted pretty quickly and the strawberries were super yummy and taste really fresh.

While I did not have the chance to play any games I had to walk downstairs to check it all out. Another bar was downstairs. Plenty of spaces to hide off with a date and sneak in long kisses, plus also lots of cool spaces for huge gatherings were available. I know I want to do a girls night out the next time around. I can see us gathering up in the photo booth to be silly and take tons of photos. And of course we will play games. I want to try bocce ball, plus shoot some darts with my girls.

So rather it's a date night or a girls night out, I think Ormsby's is an excellent choice. And also, the staff was so sweet from beginning to end. I called to make reservations for my dates birthday. Although it was not busy, they placed a "reservations" sign on a booth for us. And the staff with whom I made the reservations was very helpful in suggesting that upstairs may be better for our occasion, explaining that the downstairs game area can get rowdy at times. During our visit it was not, however I can see how it can get loud. There's lots of fun games to play downstairs. The host was adorable and checked on us and asked how we were enjoying our meals. And our server was nice and very knowledgeable of the beers. She was great, helping us to make beer selections comparable to the domestic brands with which we were more familiar.

I'm a fan of Ormsby's and look forward to sharing it with  friends.


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