My Top 5 Favorite Key Pieces For Summer

Recently I decided to go try on clothes and consider what key pieces for summer I would like to add to my closet. I recently discovered UAL in Nashville and decided to try on some awesome pieces there.

UAL has the best shoes. Oh my goodness. I even found myself looking in areas that weren't my size because every shoe was like a piece of art. I only tried on my size however and just admired the smaller ones.

The clothes were super hot too. I suggest taking your time and enjoying the entire store from back to front. I like to start at the back because that's where the shoes are and a lot of the really good prices like $10 bends and a lot of the sale items. The main thing is that UAL carries liquidated apparel and shoes at 70% to 90% off every day. AND you can find deals in the store and also on line. Shoppers can shop in store or bid on eBay for top designer names like Givenchy, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and many more. And the online eBay bids starts as low as 99 cents. :) Nice, right. I have not tried UAL on eBay yet, however I am going to very soon.

So my top 5 favorite key pieces for summer are:

A hat. I still have not decided on a straw hat or a 70s style floppy hat. Honestly I am not much of a hat girl, however I just recently started to dig how they look on me. Plus hats in my opinion pulls together a look really nicely on those days when I need to not fuss with my hair and get out the door and go. I guess since I'm enjoying hats right now I should go ahead and get both.
Speaking of getting out of the door and going, I'm a big fan of dresses or any clothing really that you can throw on and go and that can easily shift from day to night (dress). Plus the icing on top is when you win with a super cute item that is also super comfy. This tie dye dress was everything. It's another key piece I've decided I need this summer. I paired it with a mint and silver heel that I fell head over heels for by Alejandro Ingelmo. A pair of high heeled sandals is another key piece for summer. I love the versatility of wearing them with dresses and skirts of different lengths and styles, pants and jeans. And speaking of jeans, if I didn't enjoy dresses so much I could live in jeans. My favorite type of jean is a skinny, ripped jean. I love them so much friends made fun of me once upon a time when they "went out of style", but I kept wearing them. They never go out of style in my humble opinion. And the last key piece for summer fashion that I have decided that I must have is something with fringe. I love all things fringe and can not wait for the sale of all fringe items. The bohemian in me wants to purchase all things fringe so I am never without.


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