Portobello Road Dress

Ciao miei amici belli. Hello my lovely friends. I am going through some photos I took last week at the Free People Festival Days event in Atlanta and I'm recalling how much I loved their Portobello Road Dress. And then the name of the dress started the thought that I still have not made it to Italy (frowning face). Has it really been 4 years since I have traveled overseas? Sigh, yep. It will be 4 years this November.

Looking at the photos of me in Free People's Portobello Road Dress has me shaking my piggy bank, wondering if I can finally make the trip happen. The photos also have me thinking of what I will wear. I'm thinking some super cute and comfy gladiators would be so cool and cute to enjoy some sights in Italy by day. And the Free People Portobello Road Dress just felt so light and comfortable, perfect for a short day of sightseeing in Italy. I see myself walking the cobblestone streets, stopping to enjoy a cappuccino in a quaint, casa del caffe off the beaten path. Enjoying some people watching and the beautiful sounds of my surroundings.

Hmmm? I wonder what the temperatures are like in late September, early October. I think it's time to put in some overtime and time to start planning a road trip.


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