#UInspire - An Interview With MakerWear Design's Neil Kohler

On a busy morning in Nashville, Tennessee, one of the founders of MakerWear set down with me to share the inspiration behind MakerWear Design. From a love of street art which founder Neil Kohler shares with his wife, to a company that gives the power to the people, New York native Neil Kohler's sights are set on giving artists a platform that allows them to make a living doing what they love. MakerWear Design is currently available at exclusively at Target stores. Super comfy tees and hats display artwork by artists whose art is chosen by the people. In Part 1 of the interview, Neil shares what inspired MakerWear, what is next for the casual apparel company and how MakerWear selects its artists. Enjoy and #StayTuned for Part 2 next Sunday on The Love Channel with Ty Swint.

What inspired you to start MakerWear?

What's next for MakerWear?

How does MakerWear select its artists?

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