#UInspire - Interview with MakerWear's Neil Kohler {Part 2}

 {MakerWearDesign.com Founder}

During Nashville Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to hear an exciting group of panelist share how their businesses are a part of the fusion between the tech and fashion worlds. I was very inspired by MakerWear founder Neil Kohler. Mr. Kohler was very enthusiastic about MakerWear, a casual apparel company that is in Target stores and is slated to soon be in Nordstrom. What makes MakerWear so unique? It gives the power to the people.

Many of the artist whose art is placed on the MakerWear goods are selected by you. And once the apparel sells in stores, much like a songwriter and other artists, the artist of MakerWear is given royalties.

Tune into Part 2 of The Love Channel's #UInspire interview with Neil Kohler as he shares how selected artist are paid and his words of encouragement to inspire the artists out there to keep living their dream.

{Click here to hear Part 2}


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