7 Things I Did With 48 Hours In New York

I'm so excited to finally have made time to sit down and share the 7 things I did with just 48 hours during my first visit to New York. I still can not believe it has taken me this long to get there. With only 2 days in New York, needless to say there is much more to see. I can't wait to return. I had such a great time with the time I did have. Check out the 7 things I did with 48 hours in NYC

 A visit to Ground Zero was my first stop. I did not know what to expect as in how I would feel. It's a tough feeling to explain.

Catch The Ferry To Stanton Island/Ride by The Statue of Liberty
 A visit to the Statue of Liberty is available for a small fee where you actually stop at Ellis Island and can ride up into the crown of Lady Liberty. I forget how long that tour is, but I do recall thinking, it was too long for the time I had available. I therefore opted to catch the ferry to Stanton Island which is free of charge and passes by the Statue of Liberty both going to Stanton Island and riding back to New York City.

After leaving Battery Park, walking a couple of blocks to the subway made for an easy ride to Times Square. I enjoyed a lot of walking, the crowds, the lights and the energy of Times Square.

Day 1 in New York ended with a visit to the Hilton Hotel to get more info about the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) and to grab a bite to eat. Then it was time to get onto PATH and catch the train back to the hotel in Jersey.

Catch a Show
Day 2 in NYC started with catching one of the films shown at ABFF. It was almost 2 hours long, so if seeing a movie isn't your thing, I would think catching a broadway play or spending some time at the museum may take about the same amount of time.

Visiting Harlem was definitely the highlight for my first visit to New York. Sitting outside at Sylvia's allowed me to do two of my absolute favorite things, eat and people watch. There's a big smile on my face as I recall the music that played. There was lots of Marvin Gaye, some Sade, Nina Simone and tunes I had not heard before, but absolutely loved. And as the music played, people strutted up and down the side walk wearing headwraps and crop tops with fitted skirts, African print summer dresses and afros, braids and locs. It was a fashion show like none other. And then the food. Oh my gosh. It was all just so wonderful.

Visit The Apollo (also in Harlem) 

 After leaving Sylvia's, Apollo was only a short walk away and a nice way to enjoy some more of Harlem. It was also a great way to walk off some of that delicious food.

Visit Chinatown

The last stop of Day 2 and the last night in New York included a stop in Chinatown. After that it was time to walk back to PATH to head back to Jersey. From there I drove back to Philly. I loved it all so much. :)

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