#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 2

Monday, June 22

Day 2 of the Choose LOVE Campaign I had the opportunity to return to Atlanta, one of my all time favorite cities. After driving from Alabama to Tennessee to my final destination, this girl was pooped. Nevertheless, I wanted to get out right away to hopefully inspire some love and to grab a bite to eat. I opted for my blue skirt with a red pair of heels and of course my #ChooseLOVE t-shirt. I know it's not the most practical outfit for grabbing a quick bite, but everything else needed to be washed, so I opted for what was hanging in my closet pretty much ready to go.

I headed to one of my favorite spots, Marlow's Tavern. The service and food there are always so good. Their delicious calamari and chicken panini hit the spot.

After doing a little unpacking I decided to take a nap which turned into a full night's sleep. I am sure my body needed it as the prior weekend included lots of cleaning, packing and celebrating my mom's birthday. I had such a great weekend with my mom.

With all that had been done over the previous days, I figured it was best to listen to my body and enjoy every bit of those zzzzz's. :)


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