#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 5

Thursday, June 25 

Day 5 of the #ChooseLOVE Campaign I headed out to Ted's Montana Grill at the Avenues to enjoy dinner with one of my all time favorite people and dearest friend. We could barely get our order in as we kept taking our attention away from the menu to discuss all that we had enjoyed since our last time together.

As a blogger I sometimes feel a little guilty about taking photos while out with friends. Plus it is so important to be in the moment and enjoy the company and time you have with friends and loved ones. It's a fine balance. What I have started to do now is ask friends if they mind if I snap a few photos during our meal and I have always asked if they mind if I share photos on the blog before doing so.

I've been so lucky to have such supportive friends on this new journey of mine. Many of them even ask if there is anything they can do to help. I am shy to say yes with some and with others I would bet I have worn them out during this first year of blogging. Actually it has been 15 months this June.

Time is flying as usual. I am having so much. It's a lot of work and I enjoy every bit of it. And I am growing so much. Growing as a business person I like to think. Growing with my fashion sense. Growing with my organizational skills. Choosing to grow my blog and make it a career versus only a hobby has forced me to become more organized. I needed that and I'm always reading information on how to become better at it. And best of all, so I think, is that I am loving more. I am more aware of the words I speak and the things I do, making sure that they are all done in love. Even in my private life. Not that I was some tyrant or anything, however I just feel it very important to be true to my brand both personally and professionally. I am so excited for this idea that God placed on my heart, the #ChooseLOVE campaign. Not to be a broken record, but it's truly the only way to do this crazy thing called life, right? :)


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