#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 6 - My Favorite Fringe Skirt

Friday, June 26 

Day 6 of the #ChooseLOVE Campaign I was proclaiming the popular Friday statement of "Thank God It's Friday". The work week has been great, but also long. I think that's because it was my first week back of sitting at the desk, versus what I love the most, taking my work on road. Plus I was looking forward to the weekend so I could get to my computer to do some writing.

While away in Philly, Jersey and New York, the days were filled with work and seeing the cities. This was the first weekend I had to sit and collect my thoughts and start to write about the sweet adventures that took place in the awesome cities I visited. I already look forward to returning to each of them to spend more time and to also experience more of their night lives.

And now that I'm back in one of my all time favorite cities, Atlanta, the energy of the city has me wanting to get out, thus I'm still a little bit behind on my posts. Friday night's intention was to go dancing, however that did not work out. I still had to go with my original fashion plan of wearing my favorite fringe skirt along with the #ChooseLOVETShirt.  Maybe I'll make it out to get my dance on next week. That can be my treat to myself once all of my blog posts have been completed.


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