#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 7

Saturday, June 27 

Day 7 of the #ChooseLOVE Campaign was a quiet day spent mostly at home. Well, I started out with an early morning visit to the mall to stop by H&M. After that I discovered a flat tire. Thank goodness for AAA because I had on "try to look cute at the mall" clothes versus "change the tire clothes." LOL

I didn't wear my #ChooseLOVETShirt to the mall. Saturday was my wash clothes day and the trip to the mall was a last minute decision. But I figured I would still wear my shirt and share some love via my little slice of cyber paradise when it came time to post.

After the mall and having a tire replaced, I finished the day relaxing at home, working on posts and I even took a little time to write in my personal journal. I can't believe my last post before this recent entry was May 15.

I hope everyone had a #HappySaturday and overall great weekend. I have some nice posts to share this coming week.


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