Nashville's Best Family Dining Spot, "Monell's"

Monell's was so good. From the decor to the family style dining and nothing but true southern hospitality, I felt like my family and I had been invited into a friend's home.

Our party was big enough to fill one table. However, if you are a smaller party, I hear that you may be set with other guests of Monell's. I like that. And the host not only seat people, the host at the time I visited checked on us throughout our meal. She held conversations with us and made us feel right at home.

There is no food to order. Everything is brought to the table. My family and I arrived for breakfast. Brought to the table was ham, bacon, sausage patties, chicken, grits, scrambled eggs, the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had, biscuits, fried potatoes, pitchers of water and tea. The only thing we had to order if we wanted was coffee or juices. We blessed the food and dug in. Everything was seasoned so well and to perfection. It was like my granny's cooking, but almost better. 
Shhh. We won't tell her that.


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