18 ASOS Dresses I Love and All Under $22

A big sigh from me right now and also a big huge smile on my face. There are so many great sales taking place right now. I have just gotten started with ASOS and oh my goodness. I have only been through the dresses and found way more than 18. This is the number that I narrowed it down to, 18 dresses and right now the ones I have chosen are all under $22!

I haven't looked at the site's details as of yet, so I'm not sure when this fantastic sale will end, however I hope it's not before I get a chance to purchase some of my favorites. With all the great sales, I'm going to look around just a little bit more before making any final decisions. Plus I like to shop shoes and jewelry too, building an entire outfit so I won't have stuff hanging in my closet that I never wear because I don't have shoes or anything to wear with it.

How do you shop? Do you see what you like and buy it right away? Do you shop around? Do you purchase entire outfits or buy shoes and accessories later?



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