Black Gown with White Bow - Flashback Friday Fashion

I took a trip down memory lane, recalling how much I loved fashion. I still do. Fashion is just so much fun and shows so much of our personalities. And I love to create. Be it through songwriting, photography and coming up with ideas for photo shoots. I have always enjoyed doing these types of things. It's a passion I guess you could say because back in the day when I would do them, it was for the complete joy of it. It still is. Blogging has restored that joy in creating and also in fashion. I won't drag you into the long story about how I once lost that joy, I'll just relish in the thought that those pleasures are back. And boy, am I having fun. :)

Looking over the photos I share below. I wondered if I could find a similar gown to wear today. I love the white bows on this dress and always desired to make them detachable so I could where them when I wanted a touch of  a girlish feel and remove them when I wanted to feel more refined. And at the age I was in this photo, there were times when I didn't want to be considered cute, but sexy. So yea, the bows would have to go.

I looked around and found some gowns, dresses I would love. I found some very similar shoes, earrings and that choker necklace. Oh, that was my faaaaavorite necklace. I loved the 90's styles which I'm thinking was a repeat of the late 60's and 70's.

This chica needs to go shopping. I keep telling myself I'm going to do a blogger makeover soon.

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