#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 16 - Light Blue Skirt and a Trip Tennessee

 Monday, July 6

Day 16 of the #Choose LOVE Campaign involved an impromptu trip to Tennessee for my day job. I started out with my #ChooseLOVE T-Shirt, light blue skirt and beige booties which after a little bit of running around turned into sandals.

Although I enjoyed being chauffeured around a little bit, I knew I had to make an almost 2 hour drive to Georgia and that would better be done in sneakers or sandals. Had to let my toes breathe so I chose sandals. :)

Before heading to Georgia, I had a chance to enjoy a little soul food. Yum. And I'm still trying to remember what was so "slap your knee" funny this morning, lol.

{Note - Light Blue Skirt and Booties are links to similar looks} 


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