#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 22 - Casual Sunday

Sunday, July 12, 2015
Sundays for me is the day I like to relax. My Sundays are very casual. Any cleaning that needs to be done is taken care of by early Saturday afternoon at the latest. Sundays for me are made up of Sunday brunch, calling my granny or mom for longer than usual conversations or maybe just relaxing, watching a movie or reading a good book. My favorite things to do on Sunday's are sleep in :), and then get up slooowly, but surely to enjoy a nice Sunday brunch. Typically I like to slip on a pair of jeans with a cute tank top or t-shirt {#ChooseLOVE t-shirts now available here}, not too big of a heel, just a nice pump and I always carry a sweater or jacket with me just in case the patio is full and sitting inside is a little chilly. My second favorite thing to wear is a maxi dress. What do you guys like to do on Sunday?


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