#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 27 - The Dance of Love

Friday, July 17, 2015

What an amazing dance? It just all feels like a dance of love. Love for life, love and appreciation for the body I've been given that can move with little to no aches at my age (lol), love and appreciation for all seven of my senses. If you've seen my photos, you know I love to get my eat on. And of course I can not imagine my life without hearing all the beautiful music that moves me in so many ways. And the sense of sight that allows me to see God's beauty everyday. Oh, what a wonderful dance of life this is.

And more than ever, of these dances of love, I think the most important dance of love has been that of self love. I find myself standing up for myself more because I love myself more. I find myself spending my time more wisely. I find myself making sure that I make time for those I love, my mom, my granny, my family and friends and myself. Choosing love means many things to me and one thing I now know for sure is that choosing love means self love. It means choosing me.


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