#ChooseLOVE Campaign #Day 30 - You're Beautiful

Man, I LOOOOVE creating music. It's in my head 24/7. I always wish that I had had the courage to share my music way back when. But hey, what can you do, right? I'm just thankful that I'm still around to have the opportunity to share the music that I feel is placed on my heart and in my mind.

Today while at work, I had the thought about natural hair and a story my mom told me that took place in the 60's. I think she said it was in 1967. A woman from Africa came to speak to my mom's class. She wore with pride her natural hair. The teachers, TEACHERS, made fun of her. Well I guess you can kind of figure out where this story is going. I'm sure we are all familiar with the wonderful photos we have seen of women proudly wearing gorgeous afros, braids and being proud of what their natural hair could do.

I was a girl in the 70s and had the opportunity to experience some of that freedom, however remember well the days of people asking what was I going to do with my hair and boldly telling me that I needed a relaxer. I'm laughing as I type this because that is pretty darn bold.

As I recalled my mom's story and some of my own experiences, I thought about the (young) ladies who are apart of this trend. Once the natural trend is over, no matter what they or any of us decide to do with our hair, I hope we feel beautiful and wonderful inside. The world has a way of sharing hints or audaciously telling us what is and what is not beautiful.

I just started to think about that and started the hook to a song that I look forward to completing and sharing. Right now in my mind it's a cool EDM, anthem song. And although the song was created around the thought of natural hair., I want to share it with everyone; men and women, boys and girls, natural hair or not. Whatever we choose, my hope is that we know just how wonderful and how beautiful we are. If we have to believe anything, we may as well believe that we are wonderful and beautiful. :)


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