#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 34 - Daily Tasks

Friday, July 24
Day 34 of the #ChooseLOVE Campaign was a day filled with daily tasks. I had a great day at work and it felt so good knowing I was going into the weekend with every single thing to do completed. I love weeks where everything gets done. It makes Monday mornings a lot easier and the weekends easier too. I'm one of those people who end up taking my work home with me to either get it done or taking it home with me by way of thinking about all the things left to do if they are left incomplete.

So I'm looking forward to a weekend where I can solely focus on getting some things done for The Love Channel. I will write out post cards to share The Love Channel's Booster Campaign. Gotta get those 50 t-shirts sold. And I've got some pretty thank you cards that I'm excited to write and mail out to the awesome supporters of the #ChooseLOVE Campaign.

But yeah, Friday was a great day of just getting it all done. You know those daily tasks you have to do from time to time, getting gas, paying bills, stopping by the store to grab a few items to tide you over until you make out your grocery list. That kind of stuff. Nothing too excited, but at the same time great, for me anyway, because I'm a sun baby (birthday next week, woot, woot!) and love any chance I get to leave from behind my desk and grab some vitamin D. :)

Oh and I grabbed lunch out. A quick appetizer and soda from Marlow's Tavern. You may have heard me mention them before. It's a nice neighborhood type bar where the food and service are consistent and the music is always wonderful too.

Well enough about me. I hope you guys get to enjoy a great weekend. What do ya'll have planned for your weekend. 


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