#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 37 - Caught Up in Kenny and Prince

Monday, July 27

Yesterday, Day 37 of the #ChooseLOVE campaign, I really got caught up in listening to some more records. And I got so caught up in Kenny and Prince. Yep, Mr. Kenny Loggins and the purple one himself, Prince Rodger Nelson.

I'm still working on some songs that I want to start to cover. And of course I need memorize lyrics and flush out how I want to deliver the songs and practice, practice, practice. I've been thinking about all the songs that I absolutely love. Even dating back to childhood. And I also want to sing songs that makes me feel and think about all aspects of love. 'This Is It' by Kenny Loggins is so empowering to me. I've read that it was a love song, maybe even about divorce, however went from a love song to a song about choosing life. 'This Is It' feels like a theme of song of choosing love of self, so much so that you do not allow anything to deter you from your dreams. I read that Mr. Loggins finished the song with the thought of his father who at the time was in the hospital fighting for his life after many surgeries. Don't quote me on any of that. However it does feel like a fighter song. Go for it. Here's your miracle. Stand up and fight.

Then I was looking at Prince's 'With You'. It's more of an interlude I suppose. Very short, however delivered with such passion and a type of, "feel how much I want you" pain, sharing

"I guess you could say that I'm just being a fool
But I only want to be ....with you"

Oh my gosh, it's just so pretty. And when it comes to learning lyrics, I know you can find so much on the internet, however I just love so much, touching the albums and the paper that has the words printed on them. And I love seeing who played what instruments, wrote what songs and I really enjoy reading the thanks that the artists give.

I'm smiling so big because I'm listening to 'Let There Be Love' again and I just have to say again that I love Kenny Loggins voice. I can't explain what it is. Mr. Loggins voice is very special in my humble opinion. He can do so much with his voice and there's always this kindness to his voice. Even with all the instrumentation from the 80's, his voice sweetly shines through. I won't carry on, but I do have to share that I never paid attention to everyone involved with Vox Humana. There's Howard Hewitt, Mr. Mister, The Pointer Sisters, David Sanborn, Shelia E., El and Bunny DeBarge. Oh my goodness, so many artists I love.


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