#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 38 - Ice Cream Break

Tuesday, July 28

Day 38 of the #ChooseLOVE Campaign I think I spent about 14 hours at work. Whew! I know I ate, however what I remember the most is my ice cream break. I love Ben and Jerry's. I always get these little cups so I'm not tempted to eat an entire pint of ice cream.

I so miss blogging. Two days of not blogging has felt like a life time. I'm playing catch up today between breaks at work. Sharing a little about Tuesday and Wednesday and hopefully sharing all of the exciting events that took place today, lol. That's a little sarcasm with myself. Today was actually more work which I'm absolutely loving. It's writing for a men's blog. I'm so envious of the time I spend there, however it pays the bills. Plus I'm learning a lot which I'm hoping I can use as learning tools for The Love Channel. I foresee a makeover for both myself and the blog here soon.

#StayTuned :)


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