#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 39 - Thank You

Wednesday, July 29

On day 39 of the #ChooseLOVE campaign I thought about everyone who has chosen to follow The Love Channel with Ty Swint and I just can not thank you enough for doing so. What started as a journey to test the waters to see if I could even consider blogging as a career is slowly but surely becoming a for sure thing. I definitely know that it is what I want to do along with singing and songwriting. Sharing that part of my journey is a big part of The Love Channel because it is something that I have always wanted, however have been afraid to do. So while the steps I am taking are small, they are steps toward a lifelong dream and goals. And as time goes on, the steps will become leaps and bounds that I am all too excited to share. I am learning so much, especially about the business aspect of blogging. I admire so much the bloggers who are making a living doing what they love. It is a great time for entrepreneurs in my humblest of opinions. The internet is such a great tool to reach millions of people.

Again, a big HUGE thank you for following alone. I hope you #ChooseLOVE and I hope you #LiveTheLifeofYOURDreams.


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