#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 40 - 15 More Days

Thursday, July 30

#HappyThursday to everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying a week filled with love and light. I know it can be tough especially with all that is going on in the world. I won't pretend to have the right words to say, because I just don't. My heart is filled with sadness as I think about how we can so carelessly and easily take the life of others and animals. However I just have to believe that there is more love and light, than darkness in this world.

My little brother purchased a #ChooseLOVE t-shirt and shared it best,  "Supporting this because it's all about love. We need more love in our world." We really do and trust me, I know buying a t-shirt is not going to solve our world's problems and what may be in the hearts of others. The #ChooseLOVECampaign is a gentle reminder for us to #ChooseLOVE and one way that I would love to encourage choosing love is through the universal language of love, music. Music truly heals, even in the toughest of times. Twenty percent of the profits from the t-shirt sales will go to the Nashville Chapter of Musicians On Call. The remaining funds will go toward the completion of 3 love songs that I have written and I'm so excited to share. It is my goal and wish that the songs and The Love Channel inspires life  and inspires love. 

Humbly with Love, 



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