Men's NYFW and My Writing Secret

So as you know I have been getting my hustle on. After leaving my massage therapy career last year, I wanted to give myself the freedom of not taking on a job with concrete hours. I therefore practiced up on my old skills as an administrative assistant so I could become a virtual assistant meaning I can pretty much do my job from anywhere. On occasion I may also act as a personal assistant and here recently my writing secret is, I write for a men's blog. I have a pen name and everything. I'm smiling because it's kind of cute to me, the whole idea of having a "pen name". It's a pretty cool job too because it challenges me to not only hone in on my writing skills, but to also receive feedback from writers who have been writing longer than me and writing from a masculine point of view makes me feel like I'm using a different part of my brain. A little exercise I suppose.

While writing for the men's blog, I have discovered so many cool male fashion bloggers. I'm talking some really cool dapper kings.

I'm pretty excited like many for the first Men's NYFW and was inspired to share my favorite male fashion bloggers right now. They are in no particular order. I love them all.

Men's Style Pro

Scout Sixteen
Mr. Porter
Closet Freaks


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