3 Easy Steps to Organizing a Small Closet - #ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 64

On day 64 of the #ChooseLOVE campaign I showed my little closet some love by finally organizing it. As summer comes to an end and my absolute favorite season is about to begin, organizing my closet was my promise to myself. Although Fall does not officially start until September 23, my goal was to get it done by the end of August. Big smile and yea.

So here are the 3 easy steps to organizing a small closet that I used.

ORGANIZE: The first thing I did was put all of my jeans and pants together, all of my shirts, sweaters, so forth and so on. I organized everything in the closet as such and even found a skirt I had been looking for hiding behind a leather jacket and winter coat. 

CLEANSE: The next step for me was to cleanse my closet. I used three categories; what to keep, what to consign/sell and what to give away. 

MAKE IT CUTE: The last step was to make my closet cute. It's super small and making it cute was kind of a challenge, but as Tim Gun of 'Project Runway' states, "make it work." So I took things I already had around the house or things I had forgotten I even had and repurposed them. Example, I have a sign that once hung over my work desk and put it in my closet. And I have a vintage Haartman luggage piece that I adore. I cleaned it out and used it to cutely organize some jewelry, gloves and other items I use or have told myself that I will use on a regular basis. 

So that's it. She's a small something, my closet, but now that it is all organized I can easily see where everything is. Also, I know what I need for Fall and also for Winter. I've already set out my earmuffs, however I need new gloves this season. Oh and another thing, I untangled my jewelry which can be such a hassle, but now it is all untangled and ready to go with some new Fall outfits. 

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